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Fantastic Examples of Branding You Can Learn From

Fantastic Examples of Branding You Can Learn From

Before we go, let’s take a look at some brilliant examples of branding that you can learn from. Let these serve as a lesson to you that you can use as a source of inspiration as you build your own company identity. Amazon Amazon does an awful lot right. Not only does... read more
Branding and Reputation Management Basics

Branding and Reputation Management Basics

If you get all this right, then you should develop a reputation for your business so that whenever someone sees your logo, they’ll be moved to place an order. Of course this doesn’t always all go to plan though and sometimes you’ll find that your customers make life... read more


HOSTING SERVICES - My favorite is Bluehost

Founded in 2003 with a goal to make a better hosting company. They currently have 700 US employees and are one of the world’s largest Hosting provider. HERE IS MY GUARANTEE – When you click my link & buy I will get an affiliate fee. If you Call me (905 428 6690) I will help you with your setup free. Bluehost Start at $3.49/month. Click here

EMAIL AUTORESPONDER - My favorite is Aweber

Simplified email marketing automation tools that are being used by 120,000+ businesses. Convert your blog posts into email newsletters with RSS feeds, easily segment subscribers, speed up newsletter creation with a variety of HTML templates, and engage users with immediate autoresponders.


affinity1Affinity Photo includes all the tools you would expect from a professional photography application. Every tool has been painstakingly engineered for speed, power and accuracy – and they work in precisely the way you want them to. There some great features, including adjustable nondestructive layers – which essentially means you can adjust images or vectors without damaging them. Image editing, reimagined from the ground up 5 years in the making, Affinity Photo redefines the boundaries for professional photo editing software for the Mac. With a meticulous focus on workflow it offers sophisticated tools for enhancing, editing and retouching your images in an incredibly intuitive interface with all the power and performance you need. No subscription. Just $57.99 Read More
WordSwag Word Swag is for adding text to imagery. You apply whatever text you want in whatever direction you want. This is a great, user friendly app. Key Features

  • Supports a wide variety of styles for the text you want to use
  • Drag the text to the best place you want it and adjust the angle of how it’s displayed
  • Easily enlarge or reduce the size of the text

Nicely design app and well worth checking out. Pricing $2.99 – Only available for the iPhone.

Videohance Videohance is an iPhone app for creating and enhancing videos by applying stylish filters and effects to them. From the same makers of WordSwag, Originally recommended to us by Sue Zimmerman for creating Instagram videos. Key Features

  • Add filters and effects, adjust white balance, contrast and exposure.
  • Apply Instagram filters to change the look of the video
  • Add sound, trim bits out of the video.

If you want to create Video’s on your mobile phone this is a cost effective and easy to use solution. Pricing $3.99 (iOS version only).

  pixlatePixate is a next-generation mobile interaction design service aimed at helping designers create complex animations and interactions without writing code. The platform generates 100% native mobile prototypes as they’re being designed, enabling you to refine unique experiences and communicate interactive ideas to stakeholders and team members. Why should I use it? You want to create mobile prototypes that let you express your ideas with interactions and animations that exactly match a real app. Pixate lets you quickly express the ideas in your head, play with them on your mobile device, and iterate quickly, all without writing any code. When you can experience your ideas exactly as they’ll work in the real world, you can have more impact as a designer, reduce churn, and more effectively communicate with your team. Read More
sketchSketch has gained a massive following since it launched in 2009. The speed at which Bohemian Coding (the creator of Sketch) is moving is very impressive. The latest version includes great new features such as improved exporting, symbols and simplified vector modes. “When we set out to build Sketch, we envisioned an app for the modern digital designer,” says Pieter Omvlee, founder of Bohemian Coding. “We have tried to do that with key improvements to basic functionality and radical new features. We’ve been humbled by the enthusiasm with which people have started using Sketch and the amazing work they have created already.” Price: $99.00 Learn More


TwitonomyTwitonomy provides very detailed profile information on Twitter followers. Key Features

  • Find out more information about your followers and the people you follow
  • Find out who you follow who doesn’t follow you back
  • Monitor your Twitter interactions
  • Get detailed analytics on anyone’s tweets, retweets, hashtags or mentions
  • Export tweets, retweets, mentions, follower lists, lists of people you follow, and reports in Excel or PDF formats
  • Find, sort and batch add and remove people from your Twitter account
  • Monitor tweets from specified users, lists and searches
  • Track clicks and follower growth.

This is a really useful Twitter research tool. Because it provides a good free offer it’s well worth testing out on your account and your competitors. Pricing: Limited access with free account Premium accounts start at $19 a month.

TweetdeckTweetDeck is a free desktop and browser tool for managing unlimited Twitter accounts  Key Features

  • Manage an unlimited number of Twitter accounts
  • Schedule tweets, and share scheduled tweets with other team members
  • Customizable columns to display tweets from Twitter lists, mentions or notifications, favorites, search terms, hashtags etc.
  • Pop-up and audio notifications
  • Desktop or in-browser tool

TweetDeck has a lot of advanced features for managing Twitter accounts and campaigns. It is a good alternative to Hootsuite if you only want to manage Twitter. Pricing Absolutely free!


TweetChat is a tool designed specifically for Twitter chats. It allows you to monitor and interact with a conversation filtered by a hashtag. Pricing: FREE

Key Features

  • Pause conversation to give you a chance to respond
  • Block/highlight people in a stream
  • Remove Retweets within a stream

It is generally use for Twitter chats because it contains the necessary functionality and is easy to use. I’m keeping an eye on a similar tool called Nurph which could be a compelling alternative. Pricing It’s currently free.

SocialoomphSocialoomph is a social media productivity tool which has lots of unique features and tools that other Twitter tools doesn’t have. Socialoomph is a perfect tool if you want a great Twitter tool for your online & offline business. It is not just a twitter tools it can Boost your social media productivity — it doesn’t have to be a manual time-consuming process! Twitter, Facebook (profiles, pages, and groups), LinkedIn (profiles, groups, and company pages), RSS feeds, blogs, Plurk, and App.net! Easily schedule updates, find quality people to follow, and monitor social media activity! Join hundreds of thousands of satisfied users today! Overall Socialoomph is a very powerful Twitter productivity tool. I have been using this online Twitter tool for a few months and was able to increase blog referral traffic in a short span of time. To learn more about Socialoomph and find how it can empower your Twitter account. Basic is free Learn More


hootsweet social media tools HootSuite allows you to Engage with people across all your social media accounts through a single dashboard. Create custom, targeted streams to see the conversations relevant to you as they unfold. Then engage with your audiences quickly and consistently—across your organization. HootSuite is one of my favorite tools for managing my post to social media platforms because of the extensive features they offer free. HootSuite is a social media management system for businesses and organizations to collaboratively execute campaigns across social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ Pages from one secure, web and mobile-based dashboard. Advanced functionality includes tools for audience engagement, team collaboration, account security and comprehensive analytics for end-to-end measurement and reporting. Learn more
sproutsocial for social media management tool

sproutsocial for social media management tool

With Sprout Social, businesses can manage their entire social media presence from a single, intuitive platform. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare and more are managed via powerful tools to help our customers listen, engage and grow their audience – turning social connections into loyal customers. ACROSS NETWORKS & DEVICES Schedule, queue and publish messages to Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn from Sprout’s web app, browser extension, Android, iOS and iPad apps. CREATE DRAFTS TO PUBLISH LATER Whether jotting down a quick idea for a post or saving content for review, publishing drafts ensure you maintain a consistent brand voice. COLLABORATE ON YOUR CONTENT A shared content calendar provides a comprehensive view of upcoming messages across your entire team—review, edit and add content where needed. Learn More

use social engine to create your own social network

use social engine to create your own social network

SocialEngine gives you the tools to build an online social media community for the people you want to connect with.  The application gives you the power to take control of your social strategy by creating your own social media platform like facebook, Myspace, Youtube or linkedin. It is the best way to create a unique community for your own brand. Let your friends, fans, group members or customers geek out about anything you want. Main features include administration of small-to-mid scale social networks, some customization abilities, unencrypted code, multilingual capability, and modular plugin/widget compatibility. Give your loyal followers a social channels to hangout and talk about topics you initiate. If you manage a magazine, newspaper, a social media group or you just have a large number of followers this a great way to give your followers or your clients a little extra and stand out from the competition. Learn more

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