In Affiliate marketing the internet is considered to be something known in business as a ‘force multiplier’. A force multiplier is any tool or resource that allows you to amplify your output without having to change your input. The most basic example of this would be a hammer. Hammers allow you to multiply the amount of force that is hitting the nail without you having to generate more force yourself. Give a hammer to a painter-decorator or a builder and they can accomplish significantly more in a day than they could before.

In Affiliate marketing part1 we discussed what is affiliate marketing and how you can use it to generate income

Another example of a force multiplier would be a forklift truck. If you have a business moving palettes, then you can provide your staff with a forklift and they’ll be able to move a huge number more than before without putting in any extra work. In fact, they can probably put in less work and expend less energy and still accomplish more by the end of the day.

In our case, the force multiplier is the internet. This one tool allows you to amplify your marketing message so that it will be heard with hundreds, thousands or even millions of people. Throughout the course, we might also find more force multipliers and a lot of the key to our success – to increasing revenue without increasing overheads – will be in learning to make better use of our force multipliers.

Automation takes force multiplication one step further and allows you to generate income without any input. The most obvious example of this would be something like a digital  manufacturing line that  could product lots of products on its own. We’ll be looking at how to set up automated processes here too. Very simply, it’s this simple reliance on force multipliers and automation that didn’t previously exist that makes affiliate marketing possible. Force multipliers and automation normally rely on technology. Eventually enough technology may exist that no one has to trade time for money but for now the only tool advanced enough to make this kind of lifestyle possible is the web. Make use of it!

A Word of Caution: While force multipliers amplify your positive input to help you earn a bigger income, they also amplify mistakes. That means that if you make some kind of error, it will be reproduced to a huge extent and can potentially cause far bigger problems than it could in a manual job. This is why it’s so important to set up your automation and your force multipliers correctly and why observation and maintenance are also crucial.

So the volume is much bigger when you work as an internet marketer versus a face-to- face salesman. This alone means that you could potentially increase your revenue and thereby your profits – but it goes beyond that. Because actually, affiliate marketing gives

you considerably more profit per sale and more commission. In fact, a very standard amount for a product creator to share with affiliates is 60%. That means you’re actually earning more than the person who created the product in the first place! Products can be found for a range of prices too – but if you’re selling a digital product such as an eBook then you can expect to make anything from $30 to $100 for a sale. Online courses and seminars can go for a lot more – sometimes as much as several thousand dollars. Better yet, if you can sell membership to a gambling site, a trading site or a bingo site, you can actually profit from that member for the lifetime of their membership!

All you have to do then is to advertise the product online – which often really does just involve posting ads to Facebook or sending e-mails – and you can profit every time someone listens to the ad. And we’ll be looking at all sorts of tips to ensure that you’re posting in the right places and promoting your products in the right way too. So you have a bigger profit margin on each sale and you’re now earning a lot more each time someone bites. This is the promise of internet marketing and it’s what makes the whole idea so appealing to so many people.

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