Here is a list of free tools & resources that I have compiled over the last year and a half.  Please let me know what you think of this list. We hope if you find it very use you will return for more excellent marketing information.

biggest list of web tools for video

biggest list of web tools for video

Video & Audio (Editing/Capture)

biggest list of web tools for screen capture

biggest list of web tools for screen capture

(Screen cap studio)



Time Management & Productivity


PDF Creators & Convertors


File Sharing & Data Storage


Website Testing & Analysis



Website Templates



Mind Mapping & Brainstorming


SEO Tools


Video & Picture Hosting


Traffic Monitoring


Browser Plugins (Addons)



Pinging Tools



Website Backgrounds


Copyright Free Pictures


Banner Creators


Graphic Creators (icons, images, logos)


Photoshop Brushes


Infographic Tools


eBook Cover Creator Tools


Photo Editors (Online)



Photo Editors (Desktop)



Color Tools






Business Video Collection



Complete Business/Marketing Tutorials


Short To-The-Point Tutorials


WordPress Tutorials




Free Email & List Building Reports


Sales – Headline Generators



Grammar & Spelling


Text Editors


Copywriting & Advertising Books


Copywriting Tutorials


Article Writing Tools







Traffic Monitoring



Social Bookmarking Sites


Image Bookmarking Sites


Management / Promotion

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