The follow-up sequence of your emails is a very important step worth mastering if you want to truly earn on autopilot. When someone signs up to your list, they will automatically be sent the first email through your autoresponder series welcoming them onto your list. You can also have links directing them to the free gift you promised on sign up in this first email.

Now, this is where it gets interesting.

You can also set up a couple of follow up emails to be sent automatically to your list without you having to lift a finger – once you set it up from the beginning. This is what it could look like…

Email #1: Introduction, Bonus, Welcome to my list (or whatever you prefer) Then it is time to get into relationship building. This is what it could look like:

Email #2: Valuable Information That is Relevant (send 1 day later)

Email #3: Let them know a little bit about yourself. (send 3 days later)

Email #4: I just created a bonus for you. (send 3 days later)

Email #5: Promotional offer (send 3 days later)

Email #6: Industry insight, follow by a promotion (send 1 day later)

Email #7: Value based information, connect on a personal level (send 7 days later) You have just set up 7 additional emails to be sent to your list completely on autopilot. Can you see how powerful this can be?

You can set this up however you want and have the emails sent out in whatever intervals as you see fit. As long as you are providing valuable free information coupled with quality promotions, you can’t go far wrong with this approach. You will continue to add to your follow up emails as you progress and incorporate your cross promotions into the sequence making sure to build that all important relationship as you go.

I know many marketers who have their follow-up sequence set up for over 100 days, some set them up for a whole year. Once you have a sequence that converts, anyone entering into your funnel will be automatically promoted to completely hands free.

You can test to see what’s working well in your sequence by checking open rates and clicks. If a particular email is not performing as well as you would like in your follow-ups, simply take it out or change it until the desired results have been met. You can always refine your email follow-ups until they are converting at the highest possible level. Just remember to always test and tweak.

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