Google has decided that website loading speed and mobile friendliness are two of the most important factors they use to rank a site quality. These two factors are so important that Google has create a slick and simple to use  free tool aimed at helping business owners determine how well their website performs on the mobile web, including on both smartphones and tablets.

Given that mobile searches surpassed desktop search for the first time last fall, it’s critical for website owners – but also for Google – that the sites showing up in search results are accessible, functional and perform well.

Provided you are not familiar with website loading speed and mobile friendliness here are the definition.

What is website loading speed?
Page speed is often confused with “web site speed,” Page speed can be described as “page load time” (the time it takes to fully display the content on a specific page).

What Is Responsive Web Design?
Responsive web design allows a web site’s layout to change as the screen size being used to view that site changes. Therefore wide screen display can receive a site design with multiple columns of content while a small screen can have that same content presented in a single column with text and links that are appropriately sized to be read and used on that smaller display.

The new website testing tool (available at is simple for anyone to use – you don’t have to be technical. You just type in your website address, and then the tool will score your site. It will also offer a more detailed report that makes suggestions on things that you need to fix, which you could pass on to whomever runs your website, if not yourself.


If your website performs poorly or fails any of the test there are sometimes quick ways that you can fix the problem without hiring a developer. If you have a wordpress website consider using the following plugins to speed up your website. If your site failed the mobile friendliness factor you may need to change your wordpress theme which is not always easy and I would suggest consulting a web developer for advice.

W3 Total Cache
W3 Total Cache is one of the best plugins out there to improve a site’s performance through caching. Installing a cache plugin will improve your page’s load speed and overall performance.

You can also consider enabling CloudFlare and implementing a CDN using W3 Total Cache (see CDN section for details).

Image Compression Plugins
Every blogger should use images in his or her post to make the post more compelling. The problem, however, is that images can lead to increases in the page’s load time. These image compression plugins reduce image file sizes, thereby reducing server load and improving page performance.

WP Optimize
As your blog grows older and you write more and more posts, you will automatically create more and more post revisions. These post revisions may occupy a lot of space and could affect your website’s performance. This plugin allows you to clean up your database and optimize it without a shred of technical knowledge needed.

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