There are plenty of marketers out there making a living online from promoting to their email list, but they still have no clue how to do this effectively. One thing you must always keep in mind throughout your list building campaign, is that your list… is personal. You should only build a list through an opt-in system. People must give you permission to contact them, and you should NEVER try any of the following…

Adding Your E-mail Contacts to Your Mailing List

Chances are, you e-mail many people on a regular basis for your business. Maybe it is to answer questions posed by website visitors, or to communicate with possible job prospects. Whatever the reason is, your e-mail contacts should not be added to your mailing list.

Why? These are people who only want to e-mail you directly, not start receiving regular updates about your business. Keep this in mind before you try to export your contacts and import them to your mailing list.

Never do the following with your email marketing:

  • Buy list CD’s or databases
  • Send promotions to anyone who has not agreed to see your offer

There are very good reasons to adhere to these suggestions. First, it’s illegal, and spam laws are enforced in many countries. If someone reports you for spamming , you can have your website taken from you, or at least your rankings taken away.  Second, the people you send offers to don’t have a clue who you are and will not be interested in what you have to offer. Email lists should only be created by mutual consent, and that means they must opt-in to give you their permission to contact them.

Using Tools to Add People to Your Mailing List Without Permission

If you come across any tools, plugins, extensions, etc. that give you the option to add people to your mailing list without confirmation, avoid them at all costs.

If you install anything from a third party that promises to help you increase your mailing list exponentially, read the documentation and settings thoroughly to make sure you will be building your mailing list the right way.

Harvest email addresses from website without consent
What is “address harvesting”?

This refers to the collection of email addresses through the use of things such as: “Web crawlers,” which are computer programs that scan websites, usenet groups and social networking sites, trolling for posted electronic addresses; and “Dictionary attacks,” in which a computer program guesses live email addresses by methodically trying multiple name variations within a particular group of common email domains, such as Hotmail or Gmail.  Once collected, email addresses are often sold to spammers as destinations for unsolicited electronic messages.

What Can Go Wrong

So what can go wrong if you use any of the above or other methods of adding people to your mailing list without permission?

  • You’ll lose the trust of the people whose information you misused.
  • You’ll be inflating your mailing list with people who do not necessarily want your information, leading to a lower open and click through rate.
  • You’ll likely increase the number of complaints and spam reports for your mailing list. Some mailing list services may use these to suspend your account.

All in all, if someone doesn’t give you permission to add them to your mailing list, don’t do it! Remember that a smaller, targeted mailing list is much better than a larger, non-relevant one. A smaller, targeted list will also cost less and bring more return on investment.

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