If you can write the book yourself though, then note that this is always going to be the preferred approach. At the same time, bear in mind that you can always choose to go the ‘middle way’ and compromise. That is to say that you can write the book yourself and then have someone who is more of an expert on the matter proof read it for you.

The next question then is how you’re going to make your own writing style engaging to read and something that people will want to sit through. Here are some pointers that can help you to write more engaging, interesting and entertaining content!

Writing Your Book 

The next consideration is going to be your writing style. How do you go about creating a writing style that your readers will find gripping and that will convey all the information you need it to? What tone is right for your audience? How do you keep them reading?

There are lots of tips here. The first is simply to make sure that your book is well written. That means it should be free from spelling errors and other mistakes as far as possible. At the same time though, it also means that it should be written in a style that’s suitable for the subject matter. If your book is very technical or professional, then you should write with a professional tone. If your book is a little more light-hearted then a conversational tone will be fine.

Either way though, the most important aim is readability. The big question is: is the book easy to read and follow? Does it engage the audience and is it entertaining? Every decision you make should serve these points.

Your book should flow quickly and be good to read – so you should never make decisions to try and ‘sound professional’ or to impress your audience. Avoid jargon and always try to say things as efficiently as possible with the fewest words necessary to get your exact meaning across.

A good way to test the readability for your book is to try reading it out loud to yourself. When you do this, you’ll find that some sentences don’t flow as well as they could or that the meaning doesn’t come across easily. Rewrite those sentences to ensure that your book will sound right when it is spoken. If you can do this, then it should flow easily and should be entertaining for your readers.

At the same time:

  • Consider using a narrative structure which will make your book more compelling and engaging
  • Break large paragraphs up into lots of smaller sentences
  • Speak directly to the reader (use lots of rhetorical questions, ‘you’ statements )
  • End paragraphs and sentences on cliff hangers to keep the reader moving to the next section

If you do all these things, then your book should be as engaging as possible.

How To Get Over The Dreaded Blank Page

Of course the other big challenge when it comes to writing an ebook is simply motivating yourself to keep writing and facing that dreaded ‘blank page’. This is something that you will need to fight to overcome as a writer but note that some of the most prolific authors in history struggled with this problem.

So what do you do when you’re staring down that blank page and you’re not sure what to put there?

Well, when you find it difficult to write, one tip is to consider changing the format, the way you’re introducing the topic or how

you’re starting the subject matter for that chapter. Often if you find it hard to write, it’s because you find it boring and you can’t bring yourself to sit down and struggle with that topic for however many words.

But think of it this way: if you find it boring to write, then what are the chances that your audience is going to find it interesting to read? In this scenario, you probably need to rethink the way you are writing the section to make it more interesting and more engaging. That will make it easier to write and more engaging to read!

Other than that, it comes down to discipline and to being able to force yourself to write for long periods of time without interruption. Try reading other books on the subject to put yourself in the mood and to let the writing style seep into your own your approach.

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