Little Bird – find and engage influencers – The Little Bird platform allows you to easily discover and find influencers in any topic, engage them & leverage their content, and measure the impact they have on your marketing programs.

Less Time Researching
With over 300 million Twitter users, it’s difficult to find and connect with your prospects that are participating in social conversations. Little Bird will save you 90% of the time it takes to identify influencers that can help make those connections possible. The time you save can be dedicated to developing the right relationships to scale word-of-mouth marketing for your business on the social web.

To make your message heard, find the people with the loudest voices. Influencers are social media users with large followings that listen to them. They help build brand awareness and direct people to your company. Plus, they make you look good.

The key to influencer marketing is finding the right partners. That’s where our next tool comes in handy. Little Bird is a great tool for building influencer lists by topic. You feed it a few keywords, and it suggests powerful people to reach out to.

It uses advanced data to help you find the perfect influencer. You can pinpoint specific geographic locations and languages. You can also find two (or more) networks with similar interests, and influencers that appeal to both.

If influencer marketing is your main mission, it’s a great tool. To learn more, we wrote a whole book about influencer marketing on social media.

Double Engagement
With Little Bird you understand who is influential in a network based on a topic or conversation and what content is performing the best. Our customers use this network information to curate the content for use in corporate social channels, engage influencers or guide Twitter ad campaigns. On average they see double the engagement.

Faster Trend Discovery
Influencers often get access to important information well before the general market. With Little Bird, you can monitor the people and content in close-knit social communities to see trends emerge 3-6 months ahead of the market, giving your business the competitive advantage it needs to become or stay a market leader.

In 2012,  Little Bird took flight, picking up momentum with the support of PIE (Portland Incubator Experiment) and seed funding from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and other tech industry leaders. A second round of funding from the Oregon Angel Fund in early 2014 fueled an exciting new phase of growth and innovation.

In 2016, they partnered with businesses everywhere that want to discover social media influencers and leverage contextually segmented social data for more efficient and effective marketing. They introduced a new version of our platform built with our latest funding led by Jason Calacanis’ AngelList Syndicate with a follow-on investment from the Oregon Angel Fund. 


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