Are You Getting Your Twitter Marketing Right?

Social marketing has come a long way. It’s not just about engagement, but engagement from your particular audience. It’s not about shooting in the dark, but segmenting your audience to connect with those that are right for your campaign. It’s all about personalisation, and personalisation to the nearest decimal point. Twitter is the shortest distance between brands and their customers, and leveraging this opportunity should be on top of your social media agenda for the rest of this year and later.

Read on to see if you’re getting your Twitter marketing right, and if not, what you can do to turn it around.

Analyse, Analyse, Analyse

Social strategy depends on in-depth insights which come from the analysis of social data. If you want your content and campaigns to succeed, it begins with analysing the Twitter users who follow you. What time are they online? What time are they most likely to retweet your Tweet or otherwise engage with you? Can you identify an optimum time to send your Tweet? (because there is always an optimum time on Twitter). What hashtags are they using and how can you optimise your own campaign hashtag for engagement? Once you have these questions answered, your Twitter marketing strategy will look a whole lot clearer and be just right for execution.

Pro Tip: You can also analyse the best time to Tweet for Twitter users who are not following you. This becomes relevant when you’re targeting new prospects. And more importantly, you can also analyse subsegments of your followers.

Personalisation And Integration

With advanced segmentation and insight, your next step in getting Twitter marketing right is personalisation. You’ll have a better chance to get personalisation more right than ever with the new DM character limit. DMs are a powerful tool if used responsibly for relevant messaging.

A DM campaign by uDiscoverMusic saw a 71 per cent click through rate. Higher CTRs are highly achievable with targeted Twitter DM campaigns compared to a mass marketing email campaign.

In the second instance, once you’ve set up DM campaigns, you simply have to integrate with popular tracking services such as Bitly, Google analytics or RadiumOne to keep track of all your targeted messaging whether they’re invitations, links or offers.

Personalisation doesn’t have to be limited to DM campaigns either. You can even personalise your ad campaigns through granular segmentation.

See Your Exact Audience

Ever wondered if you could see the individual users you are targeting? When you add filters such as location, language, keywords… How wonderful would it be if you could actually see the Twitter handles behind the rounded figure that pops up. SocialBro’s Audience Manager lets you make Tailored Audience lists, which in turn lets you see the people who you are going to engage with during your campaign. Let go of all the excel spreadsheets, and use Tailored Audience lists to divide your audience – a competitor’s followers or Twitter users who interacted in a Twitter chat or quiz, it can all be grouped in a simple audience list.

Simplify Tasks With Automation

Like anything in life, there are rules even for Twitter. Twitter management can be laborious, and can come in between your time for Twitter marketing so it might be worth introducing a set of automations and rules so you don’t have to worry about the mundane things. Want to add a new follower to a list? Yes, there’s a rule for that.

Do you have any tips for getting Twitter marketing right? Tell us in the comments below!

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