How to continue making money while travelling

make money travelling
Making money while traveling is a great way to monetize your adventure. The world is a book, and if you don’t travel, you only read the firts page. But the greatest way to make your journey worth living, is to find ways on how to make money online while traveling. Let’s be honest, one of the greatest things about the Internet is that it allows us to have virtual works, jobs we take with us everywhere we go, and as a result, we can start making money from anywhere in the world and enjoy the experiences we’re having. Why? Because we’re having a job that can be following us wherever we go, and that doesn’t depend on a geographical position. 

Let’s get you in the mood…

TRAVELING is great! Do you know how much you can learn about human kind and civilizations if you change your country? Do you know what is actually setting out there in another country and waiting for you like: Come and discover me! I’ll change your whole life! I’m here waiting for tourists so I can inspire them! From nature, to lifestyle and habits of other people, the world is rich of things to start discovering, to learn about. Cultures all around the world have different customs and habits, and that difference is what you, as an Awesome Reader Of My Blog Posts, need to get inspired from. 
Now here is the best part: If you understand this article very well, and that you master the techniques I’ll share with you on how to make money online while traveling, you will be able to monetize your travel, and make of it a source of revenue… Meanwhile, Mr or Mrs Awesome Reader Of My Blog, is enjoying the new place, and discovering beautiful cities, an inspiring nature, and cheerful people. 

Are you excited? I’m excited too.

1. Online Freelancing

Do you know what’s amazing about the dotcom business, is that companies give you the opportunity to work as a freelancer from anywhere in the world. Depending on your own skills, you should look for freelance jobs on sites like Freelancer or Elance, to start making some money from your computer. You will be working two or three hours a day, and enjoying your travel the rest of your day. This smart work would help you make some money from the place you’re visiting.
Wait a second, I don’t know graphic design, or how to make a website, I’m just a traveler dude, I don’t know anything.
I didn’t ask you to become Mark Zuckerberg or something, all I’m teaching you is how to find opportunities depending on YOUR OWN PERSONAL skills. Don’t force yourself to learn something you don’t master. 
You can translate an article from English to another language, say YES! 
You can type some text from a paper to a Word document, say YES!
You can read a text loudly, and record your voice, say YES!
Well, congratulations! You’re now ready to start your first freelance experience. Many people are looking for translators and stuff I mentioned on freelance marketplaces. And that would be the easiest way to make money online while traveling.

2. $5 Gigs

Mr or Mrs Awesome Reader Of My Blog, knows Fiverr, or at least has heard of it before, but you actually didn’t know you can make some money from this website while traveling. Yes, this is also a way to work and travel at the same time. 
Define a niche, related to your super skill, record a video, and start promoting your Gig on Fiverr. These steps will help you be more original and make your first revenue online while traveling thanks to this awesome website.
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3. Do Some Affiliate Marketing

If you’re a traveler and you start discovering great hotels or touristic places, generating some leads for them would be a great way for you to make some money and monetize this experience. 

4. Be a Photographer

Is that your passion? No? Nevermind… Well, in both cases, we all agree that photography is SEXY. We love photographers, photos, photoblogs, Instagram accounts, we just love to see visual stories. There is nothing more joyful than a great travel adventure, but what is more exciting is to take a lot of photos and start selling these photos on stock websites. There are a lot of marketplaces where you can start selling your photos that you take while traveling, and this can be a really great way to make money and have fun in the same time.

5. Start a Blog

Here we are, the part that you’ll really like: BLOGGING ABOUT IT. You know what would make your life more fun? Sharing its moments with an audience. But first, make sure your audience is made of AWESOME READERS, just like mine…
But since we’re discussing making money online as a traveler, blogging is also a great way to do that… All you have to do, is to start a blog telling the story of your adventure and put some ads on your blog, or maybe do recommend products, services and places for a commission. 
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr and Mrs Awesome Reader, I really know that you’re now excited about starting this adventure and monetizing it, and I’m asking you serisouly to do it and share your experience on our Facebook page. 
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