Picking a niche for email marketing is not the same as it would be for any other marketing strategy online. With the chance to cross promote different services and products to your list, you eliminate the “one chance” sale that otherwise is normal when using any other marketing strategy. So, picking the wrong niche is not as detrimental to your chance of success as you may think. Even so, I’m going to show you how to find niches you can enter into to make a success of your email marketing campaign. This is what your campaign overview should like…


Choosing A Niche:

Many believe the larger the niche, the bigger the audience – and therefore, the more money you will make. These people are solely focused on traffic. They falsely believe that if there’s more traffic to be had in a particular niche, they will inevitably make more money. The problem here is that with enough marketing experience, you will realize that the niche with the most traffic is very rarely a niche at all. More often than not, they are Industries. For example, “weight loss” is not a niche, it’s a market – an industry, there’s a big difference here.

Marketers that build a list in the weight loss Industry have a choice to promote a wide variety of products to their list, but the audience is vast in comparison to the many niches within the weight loss market itself.

A woman in her 60’s is not looking for the same promotions as a young woman in her 20’s in terms of body style, fitness levels and diet. There’s no way you can target both demographics within the same email campaign. This is why I recommend that you narrow your audience down to specifics.

For example, targeting young males looking to get six pack abs is very specific and your campaigns can be laser targeted with a much higher response rate. Every promotional email you send out to this demographic will be 100% targeted, thus, you will not be alienating a portion of your list with every email promotion you send. It just makes sense, right?

So, with that in mind. Which would be better, the broad Industry or the targeted niche? Both can work well with enough experience over time, but I would argue that the tighter your focus on a specific audience, the much more responsive your list on a whole, will be.

Here’s a couple of examples of Industries vs Niches…

Industry – Weight loss
Niche     – Six pack abs

Industry – Relationships
Niche     – Over 50’s Dating

Either approach would yield results and earn you money, but you can surely see which one is easier to target. Yes?

Let’s say you decide to enter into the relationship Industry. What exactly will you be promoting to your list of subscribers? Dating advice? How to attract a partner? What to do on a first date? It’s clear that with every email promotion you send out, you will be rendering a large portion of your list to be untargeted to that promotion.

You do not actually know what a lot of these people are looking for from you. But, if you enter into the “over 50’s dating” niche instead. Well, now you know EXACTLY what kind of promotions your list is looking for and you can have a laser targeted response from your campaign.

The more relevant you can be, the higher conversions you can expect. When in doubt, always aim for super targeted niches ahead of broad Industries.

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