If you have been following our guide on how to start an online business then you are aware that your main strategy should be to rank high on google organically. But the reality is high ranking in google could take weeks or months and many people never reach there. Do not fear the paid traffic alternative can be even more effective. In fact, the experts that prefer paid traffic says it is a better and more controlled way to drive traffic. 

Most small businesses and start-ups are lucky to have a few thousand dollars to make a splash, let alone a bankroll that could feed the third world. So, what little money you have needs to be spent wisely. Think smarter, and think laterally. You have to make the most out of the ad dollars you do have, no matter how limited you are. These cost-effective ways to advertise your business give you a variety of options to choose from, especially if you’re on an ad budget diet. And all of them will give you a great return on your investment:

Below is a list of paid advertising sites that are more cost effective than google paid ads.

Before you invest in paid advertising you must understand that it is easy to spend your money and get little in return if you do not understand the basics. Let us use google adsense as an example. The problem with this tool is that it tends to push people toward very broad keywords that are far more expensive and much less effective. These are called “head” keywords. It is important to remember that you aren’t necessarily looking for the highest-traffic keywords. You are looking for the words that your customers use to look for you. So, you will need to be on the lookout for something the online marketing industry called “long tail keywords.” These keywords are the longer, more specific keywords that, when added together, make up the majority of search-driven traffic. You long tail keyword will normally be the specific product you refer to in your article or the product your company sells.

For example, we have an article or guide on how to start an online business step by step. In this case, the head keyword is “online business” and is too broad to drive the desired traffic. Online business is an umbrella term for many topics not discussed in our article so many visitors will quickly leave. Now remember you are paying for each visitor that arrive at your site so want only people who desire what you offer. To get a more targeted audience, it is better to use, a long tail keywords, such as “how to start a successful online business for beginners”.  This phase is more specific it will generate less, visitors, but they will be more targeted and therefore it will be more effective. Here is a list Alternative Paid advertising sites to grow online business visitors.

  1. AdBrite. One of the largest ad networks outside of the big search engine brand networks — create and target ads to users in the network and pay with variable pricing models including CPC, CPM and other flexible pricing options.
  2. Bidvertiser. Advertise across thousands of websites in the Bidvertiser network on a pay-per-click basis. Browse the categorized directory of websites and select the appropriate ones you want to advertise on for your business; set your desired geographic targeting and your pay-per-click bids and your ads are ready to go.
  3. Chitika. An ad network that targets your ads directly to interested individual users. Currently, Chitika is only open to advertisers interested in spending a minimum of $50,000 per month.
  4. TribalFusion. Reach the almost 230 million users on Tribal Fusion’s ad network per month with your ads — several advertising package options that can be tailored to suit your business’s needs, pricing varies on package and scope of campaign.
  5. Advertising.com. Reach approximately 183 million users monthly on this large alternative advertising network — pricing is depending on campaign.
  6. Vibrant. With around 250 million unique users in its network, Vibrant is a great text-based advertising option for ecommerce businesses. Pricing is cost per 1,000 impressions and varies based on available inventory and the category of ad placement.
  7. PocketCents. Create and display text, image or video ads directly to the kind of users who are interested in your product or service on the PocketCents Network. Set up a fixed monthly budget per ad, eliminate competitive placement based on bidding and much more with PocketCents. PocketCents features a flat rate of $.25 per click on text or image ad or per play of video ad.
  8. ValueClick Media. Place ads and target users on this network that reaches approximately 173 million unique visitors per month. Pricing dependant on scope and style of ad package.
  9. ContextWeb. Target ads to relevant users in this network to get the most value for your dollar spent. Pricing is flexible with a name-your-own price option for cost per 1,000 impressions.
  10. Claxon. Run banner campaigns on this ad network and geo target by nation and cap impressions, if needed. Pricing depends on size of banner ad and scope of campaign.
  11. Clickcent. Run ads on this contextual advertising network and pay only for the actual unique traffic to your site at a price that you negotiate. You can monitor responses to your ad in real-time and change your bid price or ad copy as you see fit.
  12. DynamicOxygen. A search engine marketing solution that allows you to target millions of prospective customers coming from Google, Yahoo!, Bing and many more. Pricing is cost per click and rates depend on size and scope of ad campaign.
    adBrite home page.
  13. Clicksor. A contextual targeting ad network that automatically matches your ads to the most relevant websites in Clicksor’s network. Create text or graphic banner ads, pop-under ads or interstitial ads — appearing between web pages — and pay per click (CPC), per 1,000 impressions (CPM), or per visit (CPV).
  14. EpicDirect. Place ads on this network that gets around 180 million monthly impressions in North America alone. A pay for performance based ad network with pricing dependant on size and scope of campaign.
  15. Casale. Identify and target users based on their opinions, attitudes, consumption level or country, region and much more. Pricing to set up a custom campaign on this network varies on size and scope of campaign.
  16. Kontera. An in-text advertising platform that uses the underlined keyword style of ad on a network that receives approximately 140 million unique visitors monthly. Pricing varies and is dependent on size and scope of campaign.
  17. BurstMedia. Place custom, demographic targeted ads, behavioral targeted ads and retargeted ads on this network and fine tune your campaign in real-time. Pricing is variable depending on scope of campaign and is flexible with cost per 1,000 impressions, cost per click and cost per action packages available.
  18. Black Label Ads. This network receives a approximately 300 million impressions per day across more than 10,000 total participating sites. With Black Label, you can manage and fine-tune your campaign on all the sites that displayed your ads. Target users by region, country, gender, age, keywords and much more.
  19. AdBull. An ad network for cursor-based ads — these ads appear to relevant users right next to their cursor so it will be sure to get seen. Pricing to place ads is $25 to get started, which is deducted by $.01 per click and can be funded at anytime for more ads.
  20. InfoLinks. InfoLinks is a contextual text-based ad using the underlined keyword style all on a network that gets approximately 300 million unique visitors monthly across more than 40,000 websites. Pricing begins at $500 minimum, which is deducted on a per click basis with a rate that is determined by size and scope of campaign.

We will be continually updating this list Alternative Paid advertising sites to grow online business visitors.

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