So now you know why ebooks are such a great way to make money and you know the state of the industry as it exists right now. Let’s not beat around the bush any further – let’s dive straight into making your ebook so that you can start profiting!

And the best place to begin when it comes to creating a book is to come up with a title and a niche. In other words: what is your book going to be about? What will you call it? Who will it appeal to? And how will you market it?

This is perhaps the single most important decision when it comes to your book as it will actually impact on all the other aspects of your business. The niche of your book for instance will not only affect what you’re writing about and what you need to know; it will dictate your target audience and in turn, where you are going to market it. It will dictate the marketing strategies you can use to sell it and it will even determine how much you can sell it for – some topics simply allow you to charge more than others because they offer bigger changes to the lifestyle and more impressive benefits.

Meanwhile, your title is what you will use to convey the niche, as well as to convey the ‘value proposition’ of your book (i.e. what you are claiming your book can do for people). Read on and we’ll look at how to go about selecting the perfect niche for your book and then turning that into an ideal title.

Choosing Your Niche 

When it comes to choosing your niche, there are a huge number of different factors to consider and a vast number of different ways you need to think about it.

The first and most obvious consideration in many cases is going to be what kind of business you are already running. In other words, if you already have a website or a blog, then you will most likely want to create a book that is based on the same subject matter so that you can sell to your same audience.

So if you have a blog that’s all about fitness, making a fitness ebook is the logical decision. While you could try to sell an ebook on another topic, this would only make a lot more work for yourself unnecessarily; especially if you have already built a captive audience and developed a lot of trust with them!

If you don’t have a blog or a website already though, then you need to think about the type of subject matter that you might be interested in. You’re going to have to write at least 10,000 words to create your ebook (unless you outsource it) and even on top of that, you will need to create a lot of additional marketing material in order to promote the book. If this is a topic you know about, then you should find it’s easy to bring something new to the table, to create marketing materials that demonstrate your expertise and to find the right ways to market yourself.

Conversely, if you pick a topic in which you have no experience, then you’ll have a hard time contributing anything to the field and in all likelihood, you’ll struggle to make any sales.

In fact, this is one of the biggest and most important considerations of all when choosing your niche. There are just too many people out there writing ebooks on topics that they think they can sell easily and with no experience on the matter.

The result?

The book essentially repeats itself for 10,000 words, the marketing materials make it obvious that there’s nothing useful or interesting contained within the content and no one buys it. Likewise, the sellers often know themselves that they aren’t providing much useful content and thus feel shy to promote it and even when they do make sales, they’ll find lots of people demand a refund.

This is even more problematic if you try and sell a book on Kindle, as here people can read a free preview before they commit themselves to buying the product. As a result, they will see right away that you aren’t offering anything new and they’ll leave.

At this point you might be thinking: ‘I’ll just outsource the content’. Even here though, you’re going to run into challenges. Because while you might hire the best writer in the world, chances are that they aren’t an expert in the subject matter that you’ve chosen – unless they specifically state that they are.

You can’t find a random writing agency and ask them to write you ‘the definitive book on programming in C++’. Even if they know C++ or are able to learn it, it’s hardly going to contend with all the books written by genuine experts.

So in short, you rally should be an expert on the niche you choose. And if you’re not an expert, then at least pick a niche that you understand very well.

You should also decide whether you’re going to be creating a definitive guide, or a book that offers a completely new perspective. The latter is harder to think up but much easier to create.

Look at it this way: if you’re going to create a fitness ebook, then you need to compete with the thousands and thousands of fitness ebooks already on the market. How do you do that?

One option is to be 100% definitive. That means that you’re going to aim to do a better job than all the other ebooks on the same subject and that you’re going to write the official text that people will turn to when they want to know about that topic.

You can pick a subcategory of your main subject (‘The Mediterranean Diet’, ‘Functional Strength Training’, ‘Fitness Trackers’, ‘Yoga’) but ultimately your aim is still to offer something that’s better than anything anyone else is putting out.

The alternative though is just to offer something completely new and different. That might mean that you invest your own fitness training program or your own breakthrough diet. It might mean that you tackle the subject of training in a new and unique way. Or it might mean that you target an audience who isn’t usually catered for.

Really this boils down to your motivation for writing the book. If your motivation is to pick a topic you think will sell, you might be surprised to find it’s actually quite difficult to convince people to buy from you. But if your motivation is to write something because you have an exciting new idea and you really want to contribute to the niche you’re writing for, then you’ll find you have a much bigger audience!

What are the Best Niches? 

So factors outside of your control might define your niche. But that said, there are also a large number of specific topics that will be easier to sell and easier to make money from.

The most popular niches for ebooks written by marketers by far are:

  • Fitness
  • Dating
  • Making money online

And the reason for this is that these topics all appeal to universal aims. All of us want money, all of us want to be healthy and all of us wish we could make money without going to work (we want financial independence).

Another way to say this, is that ebooks have a particularly appealing ‘value proposition’. A value proposition is essentially what you promise your book can do for people and it’s about how your book will change their lives.

People don’t buy fitness books just because they want to be healthier. They buy them because they want to be confident in the way they look, because they want to feel attractive and because they want to wake up full of energy in the mornings. This is the emotion behind your product and it’s what will help you to sell your books.

If your book is about knitting though, then your value proposition is a lot less emotive and life changing. People learn to knit as a way to busy themselves in the evening and as a fun pastime – they don’t learn it to change their lives, their health or their relationships.

And for these reasons, you can’t charge as much for a book on knitting as you can for a book on fitness.

But at the same time, books on fitness will face a lot more competition than books on knitting – because just about every internet marketer out there has a title on this subject.

Getting your book to stand out and get noticed is a big challenge then, which is why you need to use the advice given earlier to make your book more unique and to sidestep some of that competition. As mentioned before, you can do this by making your book on a specific subcategory of fitness or aiming it at a specific audience. Examples might be:

  • Fitness for the over 50s
  • Fitness for martial arts
  • CrossFit
  • Yoga
  • Bikram Yoga
  • The Mediterranean Diet
  • Fitness for diabetics

Notice how the ‘fitness for martial arts’ topic actually combined two different subjects.

Even then though, you will struggle to find a specific route to market to promote your ebook and you will struggle to make it stand apart from other books in that niche. This is why many writers will still choose to tackle subjects that are less conventional and that don’t have the same large emotional appeal.

I you write about knitting for instance, then you will find there is much less competition and that it’s much easier to sell your book to a very specific group of people who will most likely gather in specific places (such as knitting forums). You just won’t be able to charge as much and you’ll likely have a smaller market before you reach saturation.

The ideal scenario then would be to find some kind of compromise. Choosing the ‘niche within a niche’ is one option but another would be to choose a niche such as a particular industry or career – or a skill that can be monetized.

For example, take the example of a book aimed at a specific type of industry: stage lighting, running a café, building apps, or making money as a personal trainer.

When you have a book like this you have a very specific niche and a very specific target audience. This gives you some easy options to market your book. At the same time, there are specific places where this audience will congregate where you can market yourself and sell your books. And on top of all this, an ebook on a career is something that can be used to help someone make money and that can therefore potentially change their lives.

People will be willing to pay a lot of money for an ebook on running their own restaurant if that is their dream – apart from anything else, they should make back the investment!

How To Choose An eBook Title 

With all that in mind, the last thing to do is to come up with your title. And what’s key here is that you choose a title that will reflect the content in the book and that will get people excited for it. This means that you need to express the ‘value proposition’ we already discussed, you need to highlight what sets your book apart and you need to make sure that you mention everything that is going to be covered.

So don’t just call your book:

A Guide to Functional Fitness

As that really doesn’t tell people about the book. Instead call it:

Functional Power: How to Use Functional Fitness to Develop Real, Useful Crushing Power. Conquer Sports and Transform Your Body!

This now hits home precisely what your book is about and it forces the reader to imagine how the book could potentially change their lives.

Similarly, you shouldn’t call your book:

My Sushi Restaurant

Instead, call it:

My Sushi Restaurant: Your Business Model in 5 Simple Steps – Run Your Own Restaurant, Live Your Dreams and Cook Amazing Sushi!

Having a title and a subtitle like this means you can say everything you need to say, while still having a catchy few words for marketing purposes.

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