A landing page in email marketing terms is called a “squeeze page.” The purpose of this page is to “squeeze” an email address out of the person visiting this page. Essentially, all that’s usually placed on this kind of page is an opt-in form generated from your autoresponder service and your free gift. Nothing gets sold on a squeeze page and no other distractions should be placed on this page either. It’s sole purpose is to build your list… period! Your targeted traffic will be sent directly to this page. It’s important that it’s on your own domain and that you have complete access to make all the necessary changes required to get the best conversions.

They are usually very simple pages with little information. Nothing too fancy, but this page converts really well when I send targeted traffic to it.

What I want you to pay most attention to is the 3 critical components that are most important for any lead capture page (squeeze page)

First: The Headline:

The headline is the most important part of this page. It’s the first thing the visitor reads when they arrive and it can be the difference between them hitting the back button, or reading on. Headlines can, and most often should, contain the keywords that the visitor was searching for before they arrived on your page.

Second: Your Offer:

Obviously this is another key component of your squeeze page. This can be anything from an eBook like the one above, a newsletter series or a video training series. Whatever your free offer, make sure it has a high perceived value that jumps out at your visitor. Always have a fancy image that attracts their interest.

Third: Your Opt-In Form:

This is the sole purpose of your page and where you will be collecting an email address from your visitor. You can see that I collect the persons first name & email address, but many marketers just collect an email address. You will get a higher conversion if you opt to just get one bit of information from your visitor, but I like to collect their name as well as their address so I can target my emails to them on a much more personal level.


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Derek Halpern of Social Triggers discovered his newsletter’s landing pages convert between 50 and 70 percent of readers. This is immensely higher than his overall blog conversion rate of 10 percent. He recommends landing pages with no distractions, including no navigation, home button and sidebars.

Use a landing page to entice your audience to sign up for your newsletter or free gated content such as an expert ebook, guide, report or tutorial. Along with eliminating distractions, write persuasive sales copy to convince your audience to give their personal details.

Remind your audience you’ll be sending out monthly, weekly or daily newsletters to keep them informed and your unsubscription rate will remain low.

Include one or more convenient and intuitive opt-in forms. Do not over use them but sprinkle them throughout your website. There is no question sending your visitor to a squeeze page with an opt in form works better for conversions than sending them to an untargeted traditional page. All the experts are using them because well simply work.

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