TextaGrams is the easy mobile marketing solution that allows you to send customers loyalty offers, MMS messages or weekly text specials from your computer to drive more traffic.

Text messaging is the most frequently used and most popular form of smartphone communication today. It’s also intensely personal and direct. As a result, text messages provide open rates nearing 100%. It’s more immediate and effective than social media. Leveraging TextaGrams mobile marketing MMS functionality you can drive even deeper engagement. So if you’re enhancing a brand, building a business, running a political campaign, or engaging fans there is no channel more effective for deeply personal and immediate engagement.

TextaGrams is in beta right now (they are working really hard to finish up). They definitely don’t want to ship anything crappy. However, if you’d like to be considered as a prerelease user go to www.textagrams.com, enter your number. You may get 6 month of TextaGrams Starter for free.

Think about it. If you are sending your texts from a computer to your customers’ phones, chances are they will engage with that text or image within seconds. Why? Because our brains have been conditioned to think of texting as a real-time activity. Email marketing on the other hand is typically considered an asynchronous medium where you gate or stage your responses. 

The easy mobile marketing system to send offers, automated responses, coupons & more via MMS.

Features Includes:

  • – Free TextaGrams number
  • – Website text widget
  • – Facebook Page plugin (coming soon)
  • – WordPress plugin (coming soon)
  • – Easy message designer
  • – Text from your computer
  • – Drip text automation
  • – 2-way messaging
  • – List manager
  • – Mobile dashboard
  • – Message stats
  • – Unlimited KEYWORDS
  • – Auto text responder
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