Whether you are promoting your own product or an affiliate product created by someone else, the people on your email list will be open to any advice, information and suggestions from you. Provided you have a strong relationship with your subscribers, you can literally send them anywhere you want to

If done correctly, email is still the most effective way to communicate online. It continues to work for many small businesses because people get your message in their inbox where it stays until they are ready to read it, unlike the social media news feeds. And since opting into your list is voluntary, there is a much better chance that your subscribers will read your material and convert into a customer.

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Even if they don’t buy from an email you send to them, they will at least take a look. So, even when a person opts into your list for a specific product, you still have the option to let them know about any other offers out there that you are affiliated with. You can earn thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars simply by sending promotional emails to a responsive list.

The value of your list is in direct proportion to how well they know, like and trust you, so do not abuse that trust by sending them promotions to useless products. I see it far too often and it simply does not work. Make sure to always provide value to your subscribers and they will repay you long term.

You see marketers making thousands of dollars just by sending one email. This only happens because they have built a list that trusts their judgment. This is very important. It may sound obvious, but it’s not obvious at all because most marketers will disregard this advice and continually promote any offer they can get their hands on in the hope of making a quick sale.

In addition, people believe that building followers and friends on social networks is enough. Unfortunately those connections can be viewed as rented, not owned, and can disappear as quickly as they came into being.

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