In this article we’re going to go over some of the more advanced features of Snapchat. We’re going to skip things that will be covered in later chapters like stories but this chapter will allow you to use the basic functions of Snapchat like the videos and pictures to get you started in the platform’s world.

Using Zoom in Your Videos 

You don’t have to take a standard picture or video with Snapchat. By default, the videos is zoomed all the way out but all you have to do to zoom in is use two fingers and pull them apart just like if you are zooming in on a webpage on your phone. Zooming out is the opposite; bring your fingers together. One other small side note: if you haven’t found it yet, the control to flip your camera from front-facing to rear-facing is on the top right of your video screen.

Using Your Own Photos 

In case you didn’t know, you can use the photos that are in your phone’s library to use in one- to-one communication in a direct message. All you do is swipe right on any friend that you want to send a picture to and tap on the blue bubble at the left side of the screen when it comes in the frame. Your private chat will open with them and you can tap on the yellow circle like  you’re getting ready to take a picture, and when your camera comes up, look at the bottom right where you will see the last photo that you took and you can tap on it and open your library. Then insert whatever photo from your library you want and share it as a snap.

Improving Your Snaps and Videos

You probably already know that you can add a caption to your picture video. After all, the app sometimes asks you if you want to leave a caption when you click the shutter button; (if it doesn’t, you can click the ‘T’ at the top). But did you know there are actually ways that you can improve your caption? Here are the ways that you can make your snaps and videos look amazing.

You can change the size of your caption text as well as the placement. All you have to do is after you type your caption, type the ‘T’ a second time and it will make your text much larger and thicker. If you tap it again, it will center your text. If you want to make your text even bigger then use the same spreading your fingers motion that you used to zoom and make it as big as you like. Make sure that you put each finger on the end of the text; it may take a few practice tries. You can then experiment with moving the text around and resizing it to create anything you want.

You probably saw the icon that looks like a piece of paper to the left of the text icon, and the one on the right that looks like a pencil or pen. The one on the left is the comprehensive list of emojis that Snapchat has to offer. You can choose an emoji, and then resize it just like you did with the text as well as move it around, rotate it or anything you like. If you tap on the pencil icon at allows you to choose a color and then write with your finger (or a stylus if you have one) on your snap. You can find a list of the emojis and what they mean online.

Another thing that you can do is go to your settings menu and turn on geofilters. All you do is  go down to additional services and tap manage and it will allow you to enable filters. Once you have done this you can go back to your picture and it will ask you – or rather tell you – that you can swipe right for filters. Filters differ with each geographical zone which is why Snapchat asked for your ZIP Code when you enable them. Go through the filters that are available and see if there any you like.

There are a couple of neat things that you can do that we will end the chapter with. First, if you tap on the words in your caption you will notice that tapping on one word will underline it then you can tap the word and hold and it will highlight it. Then you can change the color of that individual word to whatever you want. This is particularly useful if you want to use letters as frames. You can play with this and find what works best for you but an example is making the ‘O’ large enough to where most of it is out of frame and the part that is left frames your picture in an oval. Finally, another advanced feature that you should know about is that once per day you can replay someone’s snap. However, it has to be the last snap that you viewed. You will see the option to replay on your screen after the snap expires.

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