Now that you’ve signed up for a Snapchat and your brand is on the app, you are going to need to know how to use the application. In this chapter, we’re only going to go over the basics – the things you need to know to get around and check out the some of the buttons and knobs. In subsequent chapters, we will cover more advanced features and some things in further detail, including some of the features the businesses are going to be using the most.


The first thing that you need to know is how to navigate Snapchat successfully. So go to your app and open it and follow along as we discuss how you navigate through the Snapchat interface. When you enter the application, the first thing you’ll see is your camera, either facing you are facing away from you, depending on what you’ve set it at. It is very easy to change the camera view. If you wanted to take a selfie instead a picture of what is in front of you, all you  do is touch the little smiley face surrounded by arrows in the top right of your camera screen. Is very easy to hit this accidentally, which is why you may see your camera facing front are facing you when you login.

Navigating is done with swipes. If you swipe right you will see your contacts list, which is probably just team Snapchat right now. You can tap on the little speech bubble at the top right corner of the screen to chat with your contacts and you can search them by touching the magnifying glass. This is particularly useful if you have lots and lots of people in your contact list and you need to find a specific person.

If you swipe left you will see the stories that have been posted. The major brands – or the ones that have become a Snapchat partner on the top row while the other stories are from live events under the word ‘live.’

If you swipe down from your home screen you will see your Snapchat QR code which is the yellow icon with the ghost in the middle. Those dots that you see there send a message to mobile devices of users that want to follow you and make it very easy to follow someone. This  is one of the revolutionary new methods of adding followers the Snapchat is come up with. As you can see there are several features on here. You see your trophies for example, see who added you and add other people and then get a list of your friends.

You also notice that there is a gear icon in the top right corner. Tapping this will allow you to view your personal information and if you scroll down you’ll see the login verification setting. This is where you will enter the code that they sent you via your mobile device. If you chose not to add a phone number they have you solve a puzzle instead to prove that you’re human being.

That is all are going to cover for now. We will get into the more advanced features in the next couple chapters. If you are a brand and you want a quick start help guide to get you on  Snapchat as quickly as possible, the next chapter covers the features that businesses need to know.

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