This then is going to be perhaps your most important lesson in the entire series on affiliate marketing – and it’s something that will help you to practically guarantee success no matter what business model you end up settling on. The key is to know your goals and to know your time frame. Unrealistic expectations is the single biggest obstacle for 90% of affiliate marketers and is more often than not what ends up being their undoing.

If you become an affiliate marketer thinking that it’s going to make you rich overnight and thinking that it involves nothing but posting occasionally to a blog, then you’re going to be very disappointed. Likewise though, if you think you need to quit your day job and take out a loan in order to spend the next two years developing your marketing platform then you’re going to be putting your family in financial jeopardy and you’re going to be taking an unnecessary risk.

Instead,  you  need  to  have  realistic  goals  and  a  realistic  time  frame.  Using  the calculations above, you should be able to come up with a reasonable $10 a day business model using a landing page and a $30 ad spend. This is something most of us can afford to risk. Meanwhile, if you can get your website page views up to 200 a day, then you can realistically get $10 a week within the first couple of months.

As long as you’re willing to wait that long and as long as you’re willing to invest the necessary (and small amount of) time and money, then this is practically guaranteed and relatively low-risk. That’s not going to change your life of course. BUT what it will do is to allow you to earn $70 from advertising a week and $280 a month. Suddenly, things have started looking up. And if you add the $40 a month from your website, you now have $320 a month profit in total which comes to $3,840 a year.

Before you scoff at that, think about how much of a difference just this small amount of money could make to your lifestyle. This is enough to afford a holiday to somewhere rather nice for you and your partner! Or maybe you could put it into savings and earn $38,400 over ten years before tax and interest. That’s a pretty nice nest egg for a child and a decent deposit on a small house even!

But what’s more, is that this ‘small’ amount of regular income will grow over time. Because after the first couple of weeks you’ll have more money in your pot and you can begin to increase your investment in ads regularly. As long as your conversion rates stay consistent, the more money you spend on advertising the more you will be able to scale your income!

And of course your website traffic will grow over time and there’s nothing to prevent you from setting up more revenue streams… Suddenly, the amount you’re earning will grow and grow.

It will take you a long time to become a millionaire then but it’s possible to get there – at least partly thanks to the exponential growth that you often see as a marketer (which is to say that you don’t gain one new follower a week but more likely several and then several more at a time).

But the point is that it will take no time at all to start seeing an improvement in your lifestyle. Don’t aim too big to start with; make this your initial goal and then grow from there. That way you’re far less likely to become disappointed and to give up.

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