Snapchat is a very powerful social media platform that has become very popular as of late. Major brands are not only starting to get their presence onto Snapchat but also advertise on the platform through Snapchat’s discovery system. Snapchat is similar to other social media applications in that you create a profile and then have followers or fans that you communicate with. However, that is pretty much the extent of the similarities. Snapchat is remarkably different in the way that users communicate with each other and in the ways that information  is shared.

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How Snapchat Works 

Snapchat is a program that works with a very specific media for communicating with other users. There are a couple of differences that make this program unique and one of the most interesting social media platforms in use today like using photos and videos to communicate with other people. While Twitter, Facebook and most social media platforms mainly communicate with text, the only text that you will find here is the captions on pictures and videos. Another difference was Snapchat is that when you post your pictures and videos they will only last from 1 to 10 seconds with just a single exception, which we’ll get into later.

It might be difficult to understand how this works if you’ve never used the application. Just imagine that someone you are following on social media posts something and you get an alert. You go to their feed and check what they have posted and it is either a picture with a caption or a short video, or if you didn’t get there fast enough, you missed out. That’s basically how Snapchat works and you have followers and friends on the platform just like you do with other social media websites.

What’s the Point of Snapchat? 

Snapchat is leading the way into the future of social media. This platform is going to be one of the big ones that will serve the next generation of consumers. The app is already being used by most teenagers and even Facebook has seen the value of Snapchat and offered $3 billion for the company. However, the creators of Snapchat believed in their company enough that they refused Facebook’s offer. Facebook has people who analyze a great deal of data in order to predict future trends and if they think Snapchat is valuable then brands should be jumping on  as quickly as they can.

So, what’s the point of Snapchat? To socialize. To build a following. To communicate with other people who share interests with you or have an emotional investment in what you are posting. On one hand, Snapchat is just a social media platform but on the other hand it may be the application which leads the charge into the future where social media posts will be less text and more pictures and video. Brands like Mashable, National Geographic and Comedy Central as well as several dozen others see enough value in Snapchat to advertise with the application as part of the discovery feature and thousands of others have joined the platform as well. If you have a brand – it should be on Snapchat.

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