Spending some time searching for relevant products and services to promote to your email list is time well spent. Without quality products to promote, you make very little money. I see far too often, marketers promoting anything and everything related to their niche to their list, without giving a damn whether or not the product is of the highest quality or not.

Do NOT make this stupid mistake. If you are sending an offer to your list – make sure you KNOW it will be of immense benefit to them. Remember earlier when we talked about providing excellent value in order to build a solid relationship? Do Not Forget It.

Lucky for us, there are thousands of affiliate marketing programs out there that have hundreds of thousands of products we can promote to our subscribers. You simply find a program, sign up, look for a product, get your affiliate link and the promote that link to your list. That’s it… simple.

Some of the top Pay-Per-Sale affiliate networks are: 

  •  Clickbank
  • Commission Junction
  • Google Affiliate Network
  • LinkShare
  • ShareASale
  •  RegNow
  • Pepper Jam Network
  • Click2sell.eu (Europe)
  • Hydra Network

I recommend you sign up to at least 3 of the above networks and search through their vast database for relevant products that you can promote for a commission.

You’re not limited to just the above programs though. You can simply go to Google search and find as many niche related affiliate networks as you want. Most products on the market today, from physical to digital, have an affiliate program you can join.

Follow your passion. Doing something just for the money never works, so why not promote something you actually believe in. Start by choosing products you actually use yourself. That way you can confident write about its benefits.

You can choose a category based on your own passions and pick those areas where in which you can perform well and give most of your effort to. Potential customers feel your passion for a product or service can when they read the marketing copy. So, the best products to sell online are the things you enjoy and have the most interest in.

If you have a pet care blog, and you try and sell computer products or services in your affiliate program, how do you think that’s going to work? Not so well. Tailor your product offerings to things that people who read and enjoy your blog would actually be interested in.

But before you do anything else, survey your target market first. One of the biggest mistakes people make is to judge their potential success on what someone else did. You need to talk to your own target customer base.

If you want to promote an acne product to your list for example. Just head on over to Google and type “acne affiliate program” into the search bar and you will be met with many different products to promote. Do your research, pick the best and promote to your list.

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