SocialEngine gives you the tools to build an online social media community for the people you want to connect with.  The application gives you the power to take control of your social strategy by creating your own social media platform like facebook, Myspace, Youtube or linkedin. It is the best way to create a unique community for your own brand. Let your friends, fans, group members or customers geek out about anything you want.

Main features include administration of small-to-mid scale social networks, some customization abilities, unencrypted code, multilingual capability, and modular plugin/widget compatibility. Give your loyal followers a social channels to hangout and talk about topics you initiate. If you manage a magazine, newspaper, a social media group or you just have a large number of followers this a great way to give your followers or your clients a little extra and stand out from the competition. 

The product comes in two packages you need to choose which is right for you:

1) Package one is called SocialEngine PHP
Create a social network on your own server. Download the SocialEngine PHP source code and make any custom changes you want. Pick from hundreds of third-party themes and plugins. Includes 100% source code access and data ownership. This will cost $299 one time fee.

2) Package two is called SocialEngine Cloud
Create a website for your community in minutes. No hosting or coding skills needed. Make your own social network with modern features like those found on mainstream networks like Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. This will cost $29/month

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Extensive list of features

Instant setup
Launch a beautiful social website in minutes, or take the time you need to integrate SocialEngine’s social features into your existing website.

Social sign-in
Your members can sign up to your site with Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin, and bring their friends.

Custom share button
Your community comes with its own “share this” bookmarklet. Your members can drag this to their bookmarks bar, giving them an easy way to instantly share content with your community.

Fully responsive
Your community comes loaded with a great mobile experience so your members can engage with you from any devices that they own whether a smart phone or a tablet.

Threaded comments
You decide how discussions take place in your community. Pick from standard comments, threaded comments, or even install a third-party commenting system like Disqus.

Public or private
SocialEngine’s nuanced site-wide privacy settings allow you to create networks with various levels of privacy. You decide how accessible your site is to the public, if at all.

Frequent reminders of your community are an important way to keep your members engaged. Configure and customize the many automatic notification options already included in SocialEngine.

HTML + CSS templates
Unlike other social platforms, SocialEngine gives you complete HTML & CSS access with a convenient layout editor. Make your social website unique!

Site builder
SocialEngine includes a complete website CMS. You can add custom pages, or integrate your social network into your existing website.

Easily generate revenue from your social network by inserting Google Adsense ads or other ad units anywhere on your website.

Moderation & approval
Your members can flag offensive or abusive posts, alerting you or any moderators you’ve assigned. You can also require that all new members or posts be approved.

Add, remove, or rearrange customizable content widgets on your site for even deeper personalization.

100% White label
Nobody needs to know that you’re using SocialEngine to power your social network. Add your own logo, colors, styles, and anything else you need to personalize your site.

Powerful servers
Your community is hosted on an enterprise-grade Amazon AWS backend that powers millions of monthly visitors. We’ve optimized it for consistent performance and speed.

Member roles
Create different titles, labels or ranks for your members. Reward key members with more visibility and responsibility.

Likes & voting
Pick from several distinct, built-in social frameworks and decide how your members will interact. You decide how they react to posts and messages from other members.

Reliable partner
SocialEngine has been creating software for online communities since 2007. We’re based in Boulder, CO and are supported by an investment from TechStars.

Total ownership
If you decide to move or sell your community in the future, that’s all good. Your community content and unique design are yours to keep.

Expert support
Need help with something? We’re here for you. Our in-house product engineers provide support directly to our clients.

Always improving
SocialEngine Cloud is being actively developed. Our engineering team is quickly adding new improvements and features based on customer feedback.



Is there a SocialEngine Cloud free trial?
All new SocialEngine Cloud sites get 14-days free. Sign up here to get started. You can cancel anytime.

Which one is right for me?
If you don’t want to setup your own server, SE Cloud is right for you. If you’d prefer to host your community on your own server, go with SE PHP.

How long does setup take?
You can launch your community minutes after signing up, or you can take as much time as you need to personalize and customize it.

Do I need to know code?
Nope! You can create a great website with SE Cloud or SE PHP without any coding, but you’re free to customize the code and make it even more unique.

Will I own my site?
Yes. You own all of your content, member data, and any customizations you make to the SE PHP source code. It’s yours!

Can I use my own domain?
Of course you can! Once you sign up, you can easily add your own custom domain name (e.g.

Can I switch between SE PHP and SE Cloud?
Yes, you can add a new SE Cloud site or purchase a new SE PHP license at any time. However, note that there is currently no way to migrate your site content from one site to another.

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