If you want to make money online, then selling an ebook has to be one of the very best strategies there is. When you sell an ebook, you are selling your own product which right away helps you to maximize profits. You’re not an affiliate or an advertiser; you’re now right at the top of the pyramid as far as selling goes and you don’t have to share your profits with anyone.

At the same time, when you sell an ebook, you keep people more attached to your brand. When you advertise, you are essentially being paid to send your visitors away from your pages. When you sell a product of your own conversely, the visitors are engaging with your brand much more and seeing even more evidence of your authority. If you sell an ebook and it’s good, then you’ll find it’s even easier to sell more ebooks and other products in the future!

And as though that wasn’t enough, ebooks also have the significant benefit of being completely free to produce and having no overheads or ‘COGS’ (Cost of Goods Sold). That means that all the revenue you generate from your ebooks will be 100% profit and it means that you won’t lose any money if the book turns out not to sell! This is a completely risk-free business model with the lowest barrier to entry around. And as an added bonus, creating an ebook is something that anyone can do without needing any specialist skills or tools. If you know how to write and you have a basic word processor on your computer, then this is something you can build!

The Challenges and Why Now is the Perfect Time 

Of course no business model is perfect however and there are obviously always going to be challenges that you’ll face when creating any product and trying to sell it.

The biggest challenge when it comes to creating and selling ebooks, is demonstrating that your book will provide value and making sure that it’s appealing to the widest possible audience.

Specifically, the problem with ebooks is that they don’t appeal to everyone and that it can be hard to separate yourself from a lot of low quality products. Unfortunately, the fact that ebooks are so easy to create and so profitable, means that many people have taken advantage of the situation by selling spammy ebooks that don’t really offer much value.

You’ve likely discovered this yourself if you’ve come across the thousands of adverts selling ebooks on getting abs or making money. Often when you download those ebooks, you’ll find they contain barely any useful information and aren’t particularly well written.

And even if this wasn’t the case, it’s still always a challenge trying to convince people who aren’t tech savvy to download ebooks. For instance, it’s probably quite unlikely that you’ll be able to convince your Grandma to read books on her computer! And the same probably goes for your Dad, his work colleagues, a lot of your friends… This is a limited market. Or at least it is on the face of it!

With that said, now is actually the very best time to create and sell an ebook. Never have ebooks been as widely accepted or enjoyed by as wide a range of people. Partly the reason for this is down to the generally increased acceptance of ecommerce. Partly it’s due to the increase in digital devices that are more portable and more suitable for reading ebooks. And partly it’s because of the Kindle.

Did you know that Amazon has sold more digital books than hard copy books since 2010 thanks to the Kindle? And these appeal to a huge audience that includes office workers on their commutes, students and stay-at-home Mums!

There are over 4.3 million ebooks available in the US right now through Amazon and this number is increasing all the time. Then you have the countless ebooks sold through platforms like JVZoo and Clickbank… it’s a good time to be an ebook author!

The key is simply to create an ebook that has as broad an appeal as possible and then to ensure that you can reach the broadest audience with the right marketing and advertising strategies. We’ll look at how to do all those things right here!

By the end of this ebook, you will learn:

  • How to create an ebook (either yourself, or by outsourcing)
  • How to design a cover and pick a title
  • How to price your book
  • How to format and edit your book
  • Where to market your book for maximum sales
  • How to sell physical copies of your book!
  • How to increase your sales and reach the largest possible audience
  • How to sell ebooks from your website
  • And much more!
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