Creative Content Marketing automation has seen an increased rate of adoption over the last couple of years some tools such as Drumup are just so simple and easy to use.  DrumUp is a neat social media management and content curation tool that can help you significantly cut down the amount of time you invest in platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

DrumUp discovers relevant and engaging stories of interest to you and your social media audience from around the web. It ranks the stories and queues them for sharing through your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. DrumUp analyzes tens of thousands of stories every day from across industries, interests and niches. There is no niche or topic that you won’t find recommendations for. The versatile social media tool works for every special requirement and micro-niche. With DrumUp, you can leverage the power of content curation to take your social media presence to the next level.

The most advanced content discovery engine

DrumUp goes beyond the regular search and content discovery methods to give you a powerful engine that enables you to find content for your audience that is contextual and relevant. You can tweak keywords and other settings in multiple ways to customize your content streams to your exact needs.

You can kick start your personalized content discovery and social media manager in 2 easy steps:

  1. Login in using your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.
  2. Update Settings with keywords and other inputs.

With 1. & 2. done, you are all set! DrumUp will display your content recommendations on the ‘Upcoming Posts’ tab, from where you can read and schedule them for your social accounts. Option to edit, delete or schedule for a specific time-date is also available.

‘Settings’ include inputs to personalize or customize the news and content recommendations, along with your posting preferences. The ‘keywords’ and ‘negative keywords’ are the most important – you can use these to tweak your content recommendations. Give at least 3 themes/keywords (the more the better). Use ‘negative keywords’ on an ‘as needed’ basis – it’s not necessary or required to provide this input.

Uncluttered, streamlined and easy to use social media software

A simple, streamlined social media management interface, set perfectly for straight up sharing. Customize and schedule posts easily, tweak your content discovery settings anytime, and review posts on web, mobile or email. All the features you need and nothing more for keeping up your social media presence.

What’s what is new on DrumUp?

  • You can now schedule a post to all accounts using the ‘Select All’ option
  • New languages such as German, French and Spanish sources for wider coverage. All you have to do is update your Country setting to get suggestions in the respective languages.
  • They introduced exact keyword match, so you can refine your results with the use of double-quotes (“”) on your Keyword settings. Check out our Keyword Guide for examples and dos and don’ts
  • They made a bunch of front-end changes to give you a better experience on DrumUp – easier navigation with sticky menu and scheduled posts segregated by date and day.
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