20 Instagram Post Ideas to Boost Your Engagement

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20 Instagram Post Ideas to Boost Your Engagement

What makes a great Instagram post? This partly comes down to sharing images that look great and will be eye catching, but it’s also about sharing things that will make the viewer think or get them to comment. This kind of content is amazing because it increases engagement which ultimately leads to more shares, more sales, and better growth.

But how do you keep coming up with new exciting things that will get people talking? How do you keep being inventive?

Here are 20 ideas for posts that will have the desired impact. You can watch this presentation anytime you’re stuck for ideas!

1 Behind the Scenes

People like social media because it lets them get a peek behind the curtain. Why not share something about your creative process or your business? 


2 Caption Contest

A fun way to get people commenting that can have hilarious results!

3 Sharing Personal Preferences

Again, people want to get to know you. Don’t be afraid to occasionally post something that reveals who you are – like your favorite music you happen to be listening.

4 Vote/Poll

Find a divisive opinion in your niche and get people to discuss it!

5 Inspirational Quote

It’s classic, but easy to put together and very impactful!

6 Throwback Thursday

Stuck for ideas? Share something older! That could be an old post or even a retro image of you/your business.

7 Re-shares

This engages the community while preventing you from needing to create something new yourself!



20 Instagram Post Ideas to Boost Your Engagement

8 Memes

These are easy to create and have potential to be very sharable. It’s great to show your sense of humor this way too.

9 Challenge

People LOVE challenges on social media and this works particularly well for certain niches (like fitness).

10 Life Hacks

A quick visual tip always goes down a treat. The more creative and useful, the better!

11 Creative Post

Sometimes it’s good just to pull out the stops and show what you’re capable of.

12 Tease

Tease a new product, project, or something else.

13 Product Recommendation

If you use a product regularly, share it with your audience. They’ll enjoy a genuine, non-sponsored recommendation and it can also encourage sponsors to get in touch!

14 Infographic

Display interesting information in a beautiful way!

15 Stock Image

If you’re stuck for ideas, find an image you like that is free to use on a sock imagery site.

16 Recipe/Instructions

Any step-by-step guide can provide a whole ton of value, your audience will thank you!

17 Lists!

Likewise, a top 10 list can be a very fun and useful type of content.

18 Book Suggestions

This is an easy one to put together that potentially invites a lot of discussion AND provides a ton of value.

19 The Minimal Post

A black screen with white text or a similar “minimal” design can be amazing for drawing people in.

20 Lifestyle Images

Remember that the key to success on Instagram is the value proposition: live the story that YOU are trying to sell.

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