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Learn to make money online with ClickBank University

The best Community to make money as an affiliate is ClickBank. The Clickbank network offer thousands of searchable digital products for affiliate to choose from. There are two ways to make money on Clickbank. Firstly, it allows you to make money selling other people’s products for upto 75% commission. Secondly, it allows you to create digital product and have others sell your products.  Click Bank University was designed to teach people with no experience how to start an online business and make money online with Clickbank.

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Why join the Clickbank University course.

ClickBank University

The creators of Clickbank University Received Top entrepreneur of the year award from the White House.

In 2011 Justin and Adam created a formula that allowed them to make millions with Clickbank. They make so much money with clickbank and in such a short time that it shocked the internet community. So much so that they were invited to the White House to receive the TOP Entrepreneur of the year award. They were the youngest of 100 young Americans that received the award from the White House.

Why ClickBank University was created

You can become a merchant and have others promote your product, in exchange for giving them a commission from the sales that they make.

Or, you can become an affiliate marketer for one or several products that you’d like to promote and market those to consumers, in order to make money.

While most people start by taking the affiliate route and it definitely is the easier path to take, building enough traffic to make a meaningful income just from affiliate sales isn’t quick or easy.

Why Clickbank University was created?

After receiving the award from the White House people all over the world want to learn how they were able to make millions of dollars so fast with Clickbank. That is why they partnered with Clickbank to create Clickbank University. An in-depth course for anyone to learn how to make money with Clickbank.

What is an Affiliate?

What is ClicKBank?

What is ClickBank?

Basically, Clickbank is a marketing network of affiliates where you can find and promote thousands of digital products by people and can get commissions for promoting them.

These commissions are known as affiliate commissions which you get each time someone is clicking on a product link that you have placed on your blog or site to promote your affiliate.

Founded in 1998 in a garage in San Diego California, ClickBank is one of the granddaddies of affiliate marketing networks.

You can make money with ClickBank as a product vendor or affiliate marketer without working like a frazzled cubicle slave.

Here are some staggering numbers about the ClickBank marketplace:

  • 200 million customers spread across 190 countries
  • 87th largest Internet retailer in North America
  • 276 categories and 21562 product listings
  • 6 million entrepreneurs on the platform
  • Over 200 million dollars in annual sales

With more than 300 million products sold online and commission payouts of a little over 3 billion dollars by Clickbank, the numbers are quite encouraging.
In short: you can make a killing on the network.

What is ClickBank University?

Clickbank University is a training platform that was made to help you to learn the various methodologies and ways to create your own digital products and sell them online. This involves walking you through the ins and outs of digital marketing and everything it comprises of.

They also train you on market your products through the affiliate marketing options. This program is a result of extensive research and real-life experiences by the makers of Clickbank, which is one of the world’s leading digital marketplaces for every kind of digital product. 

We talked about this earlier as well. So you build your site and sell your idea or product on your site and on top of that you can add some links of your affiliates to promote their products.

With Clickbank, you get the expertise and the wealth of experience they are well known for. You will be taught all that we talked about above right from creating your business, or a digital product, along with the tricks and to-do’s in affiliate marketing as well.

Clickbank University offers real training tools and tips to facilitate an environment of fruitful learning.

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