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How Businesses Can Use Apps to Directly Contact Clients and Customers

If you want to promote your business and are looking for new and novel forms of web marketing, then look no further than building mobile app. This could broadly come under the category of mobile marketing and is a great way of getting your message right onto people’s phones and right into their pockets. This way you can reach a huge number of people in a highly interactive and highly effective way.

Mobile marketing has been around for a long time and in the past has included things such as SMS marketing and even the use of Bluetooth. Today though it is also possible to make use of the more advanced aspects of mobile marketing – with more and more businesses jumping on the “social messaging” bandwagon and using tools like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and DMs through other social platforms like Instagram.

This provides companies with huge benefits. Instead of sending a single block of text by email and hoping that it’s enough to drive a sale, social messaging apps allow companies to discuss issues with clients and convince them to click buy. They’ll be notified via push notification every time they receive correspondence, and there are lots of powerful ways to integrate this form of marketing with Facebook pages and even a website.

But why not go one further? Why not create your own app and add a chat functionality into it directly?

Apps for Businesses and Marketing

Apps are downloadable applications that can be downloaded instantly to the phone from the cloud where they are stored. These are small applications that have a limited usage but are small file sizes and easy to pick up and play quickly as a result.

The great news is that a huge proportion of people now own Android phones or iPhones, and all of them have a good amount of dispensable income (we can infer this by the fact that those devices are not cheap in themselves). Apps are thus highly popular and are downloaded in the tens or hundreds of thousands when they are marketed correctly.


If you can offer something good to your audience then, and then make this free, then you can reach that gigantic audience directly. At the same time, if your app is useful and interesting then you will find that people use it regularly and this will mean you have a captive audience on a regular basis.

Having your own app will allow you to send push notifications in a format where there will be zero competition. Users will be able to contact you directly or discuss matters through a chat, and you’ll even be able to build powerful functionality to integrate directly with that chat – for instance you’ll be able to let customers talk to you before ordering a service or product, or to follow up with questions and track shipments.

The best part of owning your own app, is that you aren’t reliant on a third party such as Facebook, and you have 100% permission to contact the user.

Apps with social functionality like this are a little more complex to build, but there are plenty of tools out there that make it possible and even easy for small companies.

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