Lesser-Known Uses for Instant Messaging in Business

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Lesser-Known Uses for Instant Messaging in Business

More and more businesses are now starting to use instant messaging or “social messaging” as part of their business strategy. This often involves marketing. The way this works is that a company will either message a client/lead on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or even Skype or Instagram, and then will use this as a way to start encouraging them to buy products.

This is a very powerful method because it means you can sell “in person” as it were. You can respond to their concerns, answer their questions, and build a genuine relationship with your customers. If you’re selling a big ticket item, or a service, then this can be absolutely game changing and lead to MANY more sales.

But that’s not the only way to use instant messaging. There are many others that can be just as potent. So read on to learn a bit about those.

Customer Support

When you sell something to a client or customer, your interaction with them is not instantly over. You now need to make sure they’re happy, and that they’re having a great experience with the item. To do this, you need to follow up and give them a way to contact you with problems.

Offer to let them contact you via WhatsApp or Messenger and they will feel as though they have privileged access. It’s quite rare, and it seems like an amazing service.

The best part though? You can now use this line of communication to drive more sales!

Market Research

Market research is another powerful use for social messaging. If you can’t sell to someone, ask them why not. Or maybe ask them what you would have to change. You can also ask why they are interested in your brand, how they found you and more.

The best part of this is that people like helping. If you message someone and say you need their help, they will likely find this so uncommon and flattering as to open the message when they otherwise wouldn’t! Then the power of that blue tick will be enough to ensure they respond.


And if you change the thing they wanted? They will have no reason not to buy!

Group Chats

You can use social messaging apps to speak with groups as well. This can be useful if you want to send a mass message, though some people will take this the wrong way. The solution is to send the message to a group that you establish first as a kind of “VIP” group that people will be excited to be a part of.

This is also a useful way to deal with multiple clients that you’re working together with collaboratively, or to sell to a number of managers at the same organization.

Selling Services

Messenger or WhatsApp can even be integrated into the service itself! What if you sold a coaching session via one of these platforms for instance? This method works great as you can carry on providing the service in the very same place you sold it!

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