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Will I get seasick?
How to Prevent Seasickness on a Cruise

So you’re on a cruise ship, ready to embark on a dream vacation. You’ve packed your bag, done your research on the local towns on your itinerary list, and have worked up your appetite to enjoy the endless feasting on the ship. Despite how large and steady the ship is, you get hit with a sudden case of seasickness. You can’t bear to look overboard to enjoy the vast ocean and the sea breeze. Each step you take makes you feel a little more nauseous.

Today’s cruise ships are built to minimize the rolling feeling that passengers may experience due to waves or wind. Despite how large and steady today’s cruise ships are, there are many ways to help further prevent seasickness while on a cruise. Not to fear, we have complied a list of seasickness remedies, so you can fully enjoy and indulge in your cruise vacation!

Ginger has long been associated with natural anti-nausea properties. It has an amazing ability to prevent dizziness in addition to calming an upset stomach. If chewing a piece of raw ginger doesn’t appeal to you, it may also be consumed as a tea. If you prefer to avoid the taste of ginger, ginger candy or ginger pills are also available and can help reduce motion sickness.

Similar to ginger, peppermint is another natural remedy that is known to calm an upset stomach. Drink it in a tea, or let a peppermint candy dissolve in your mouth. A pleasant side-effect is a minty-fresh breath!

Seasickness patch
Also known as scopolamine, the seaskickness patch is commonly available by prescription only. It is applied behind the ear at least four hours before travelling. Its effectiveness may last up to three days. Keep in mind that just like other prescription medication, precautions must be taken to reduce negative side-effects. If you decide to go with this option to keep your seasickness at bay, avoid drinking alcohol or driving, and be mindful while taking part in watersports as you may feel disoriented. Always consult with your doctor before taking any medication.

Gravol or Dramamine
An over-the-counter medication, like Gravol or Dramamine, is another option to help you beat seasickness. Look for a non-drowsy option so that you won’t miss out on your cruise’s amazing itinerary!

Acupressure bands
These bands provide natural nausea relief by applying pressure to the P6 (or Nei-Kuan) acupuncture point on the wrist. You won’t need to worry about side effects when using acupressure bands because they do not contain any drugs.

Stateroom selection
To prevent the rocking waves from making you feel nauseous, choose a stateroom towards the center of the ship where ship movement is less pronounced. A balcony stateroom will also allow you to access fresh air when needed.

Keep these seasickness remedies in mind, and be confident that you can enjoy an amazing travel experience on your next cruise!

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