Turn Referrals Into Referrers

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After you receive a referral that results in a sale, the next step is to entice the referred customer into becoming a referrer.

Turn Referrals Into Referrers

 After you receive a referral that results in a sale, the next step is to entice the referred customer into becoming a referrer.  The good news is, most of the work has already been done for you.

Statistics show that when someone new is referred to a company and becomes a customer, they are much more likely to refer more people to that business. They are easier to entice because they’ve
already gone through the referral process.

Even though many consumers have a barrier when it comes to either buying more products or referring people to your company, the barrier with referred customers is fairly low. They can confidently talk about their experience being a customer and having personal experience with your products.

A study has shown that people who are referred to your company, and become customers, stay with you about 16% longer than when they come from outside the system
through other means such as direct mailers, online ad campaigns, and telemarketing calls.

The referred more easily become referrers because people really believe word of mouth, and once they experience it for themselves they usually want to share it with their friends
and family.

They know that finding a good, reputable company to do business with isn’t always easy and they want to help out the people they know.

This is where retargeting ads, special gifts, personalization after the sale, and the other methods that we’ve discussed in these emails really come into play.


Remind your new possible referral client about how they found your service from a referral, and that you’d appreciate it if you could give the same experience to the people they know.

Go over the products they bought and how they could be beneficial for other people. Also discuss the perks of your referral marketing program.

As much as people love to help other people, they also like to be financially rewarded. If you offer coupons for referrals, remind them about how much they save on their next service just by referring a new person to the company.

Above all else, personalize your interaction with them as much as possible!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s final email, where we’ll talk about why you should avoid email attachments!

Get the list of best tools

As a small business owner, growing your business means making it more efficient and finding tools that can help replace the hundreds of staff members you don’t have and can’t afford to hire.

Fortunately for the online business owner, there are a number of things that will help with everything from web hosting to time management to invoicing to email marketing. We have saved you the time and effort of hunting down these tools; we’ve looked at some of the most popular tools out there and chosen the top  must-have tools.

Best online tools

Make the Process as Easy as Possible

The simpler you make your opt-in form, the more likely someone will be willing to subscribe. By removing the name field on your form, you’ll grow your list faster. Every step that you can take to make your opt-in form simpler will help you increase your subscribers and build your audience. The fewer steps you have between a consumer being interested and them signing up will help your list grow.

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